In pairs, discuss and then write up your ideas on this wallwisher wall about what you want and need to know about Chinese New Year for this research project.
Use the table below to create a list of questions that the whole class will research:

Your Questions:
How do people celebrate the Chinese New Year festival?
What special food do people eat during Chinese New Year?
How do people decorate their homes during Chinese New Year?
What's the story behind Chinese New Year?
How and why is the Chinese calendar different?
When does Chinese New Year start and how long will it last?
What are the Chinese New Year dances?
What is the choreography of the Chinese New Year dance?
What are the costumes for the Chinese New Year dances?
What materials do we need to make the costume?
What are the stories behind the Chinese New Year dances?
What music do they use for the different Chinese New Year dances?