Dear Grade 7,

This pathfinder has been created to support and contribute to your learning and research into Chinese New Year. To help you progress through this project, you will be using the PLUS information search model.

PLUS stands for PURPOSE, LOCATION, USE and SELF-EVALUATION. For this project, the purpose has already been determined for you by your teachers and you can find more information about this on the Your Tasks page. Many resources have already been located for you on the Celebration Resources and Dance Resources pages, though you may of course think of and locate other resources. Therefore, you will be focusing mostly on using those resources to find the information that you need - see what is meant by this on the information use page. Also, you will need to remember to reflect on the research process, your contributions to the whole class findings and your final products, both as you are following the research process and once you have finished. You may record these reflections on the Self-Evaluations page.

On this website you will find our initial whole class brainstorm on what we know or think we know about Chinese New Year, you will also find a page with a list of keywords and phrases that may help you in your search for useful and relevant information.

Read through your tasks and assessment criteria carefully on the task page. Remember that this is a whole class project, therefore you will collaborate, sharing your ideas and your research findings.

Please use the messaging box to contact me with any questions that you have, I will do my best to help you.

Ms. Sarah :-)