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Our reflections on our keywords task:

I completed the assignment on time, but I could have done better if I shortened the phrases. I now know that some words are not needed since all of our resources are on Chinese New Year. -Madeline

I think I did well,but it was'nt saved. I have learned that I should sheck if it was saved to be shure if it worked.

i did my homework but did it much to late. I think that i should have spend as much time as any other project to do this homework and next time i promise that i will do it.

I need to be more engaged in what we are doing but i fogot my password so I coulden't do my homework

I have learnt that if someone goes into the trouble of making something like a website, the least we can do is follow the tasks we were given. I don't have any excuses for what i did, and now i will be more enthusiastic & orginized, but i do feel like the keywords i did write were pretty good.
I think that I should really improve when it comes to completing the assignment in time. Also I think I should work on being more enthustiastic and work more on my homework.

i think i sould try harder to improve the homework tasks for this chines
new year tasks.

I learned that if I'm sick I still can check my homework, and when I'm better I can do my homework.

I appreciate your honest reflections. I believe that taking the time to think about what you have learned from this task will help you become better organised in the future and more responsible learners. Thank you! Ms Sarah :-)