This page is dedicated to information about Chinese New Year food.
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We are going to use Fact monster as one of our resources, we are also going to use youtube to find some good videos about chineses new year

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The sleep over at Julian's.

When i arrived the girls had already done the shopping at a chinese shop in town. First we looked at what we had and what we where missing
Juliane's dad went to the shops again with the car and bought everything we where missing ( chicken, vedgtables...)
Them we started by making sping roles, we made the dough for the springrolls. We missed the first and then got the hang of it. Kjærtie started by taking care of the vedgtables that where suppose to go in the springrolls. She cut Bamboo in cut ham in little peaces which she put in a bowl. Then we mixed it and had salt . Then I started making the cookie dough for the fortune cookies. The fortune cookies where very simple to make the hardest part was to take them when they had been in the oven for 5 minute we had to take them and put the note close it and then bend it. The first ten where very hard and the we did them in
and 3's. The spring rolls short time to boil in oil they kept on opening so i put sticks in it and
but then since they where plastic they melted and got into one of the spring rolls.