In our class discussion, you highlighted this need for teamwork and you are so right! Every member of your class will be involved in the decision-making of your Dragon Dance. It is important that you work together and respect each other's opinions in order to create the best dance possible.
You also talked about the importance of practice, precision and timing as key elements in creating a successful dance.

However, before you can practice your dance, you first need to choreograph it! Your task is to use the video clips of the dragon dance to find all the different movements that may be included in your dragon dance, you may find additional video clips by performing a search with google videos. Remember it is important to use more than one resource so that you are able to gain a clearer idea of what elements make up the dragon dance.

As you view the videos, think about these questions:
  1. How many people are in the dragon? Are there any other dancers who are not in the dragon - if so what are they doing?
  2. Where are the people placed? Are they in the dragon costume or holding the costume above themselves?
  3. Approximately how long does the dragon dance last?
  4. Can you pick out a story that is being told about the dragon at all from the video clips? If so, what do you think it is?
  5. What kind of movements do the dancers make?
  6. What kind of patterns do the dancers follow?
  7. Are you able to write down a description and order of those patterns? E.g. 3 times in a circle anticlockwise, 3 times in a circle clockwise etc.
  8. What are the most important elements of the dance that you think it is essential to include in your class dragon dance?

You may need to take notes as you view the video clips, stop and pause the videos, to give yourselves time to think and make notes.
Then, you must write up your findings by answering the questions above and attach your work as a word document to this webpage in the table below next to your name.

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Instructions for how to attach a word file:
Make sure you are logged into this wikispace.
Click edit, then click in the table in the cell next to your name.
Next, click on the 'insert images and files' button on the editor tool bar.
Click 'upload files' followed by 'click here to use our single file uploader' and then use the browse function to locate the file on your computer and click 'upload'.
Once you have chosen the file to upload, double click on the icon of it and it should appear in the table.
Remember to finish by clicking 'save' on the editor toolbar.

If, and only if (!) you can't upload your file to this webpage, then you can email it to me