On this page you will find resources, including search engines, websites and video clips with information and examples of the different dances that may be performed during the Chinese New Year celebrations. You can use this information to think about which dance you will perform, what moves are in each dance, what the costumes are like for the dances.

Video and Image Search Engines
You can use some keywords to search for video clips in Google Videos.
Use your keywords to search for relevant pictures in Bing images.

Video Clips

This short video clip demonstrates the dragon dance. Watch the dancers carefully to see the patterns that they create with the dragon.
An example of an exciting dragon dance. How would it be possible to get the dragon to light up as in this video clip?

Another video clip of a dragon dance.
This video clip shows the difficult Lion Dance being performed.


This website has a set of videos about the Lion Dance and how to perform it.
This is a longer video clip of a simpler Lion Dance.

These websites (click on the images above to be directed to them) have information about the dragon dance. Ignore any adverts on the pages.
On these websites you can find information about the Chinese lion dance. Click on the images to be redirected to the sites. Ignore any adverts on the pages.