On this page you will find general reference websites, such as an encyclopaedia, dictionary and translating tool. There are websites with information about how Chinese New Year is celebrated and also some about the Chinese zodiac.​

General Reference Websites
Use Fact Monsterto search for information using your keywords about Chinese New Year. Follow the links at the bottom of each article to find more information. There is even a quiz on Chinese New Year, where you can test your knowledge!
Type any tricky words into this online dictionaryto read a definition of what they mean. This may help you understand the information that you find better.​
If you are having problems understanding some words or phrases in English, you could translated them using this online translating tool. Type or copy and paste the words you don't understand into the big white box, select the language you are translating from and to and click translate.
Chinese New Year Celebration Websites
This websitegives some details of how Chinese New Year is celebrated. The dates on it are a little out of date but the other facts may be useful for you.
This websiteexplains how a Chinese year is longer than our year. The links at the bottom of the page give further details about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.
You can find information about the traditional celebration of Chinese New Year on this website. Ignore the adverts at the top on the right.

This website is full of interesting information about Chinese New Year. Use the links on the left of the page to find your way to more information.
This video clip is all about food that is eaten during Chinese New Year.​

Chinese Zodiac Resources

Here you can read a story about the Chinese Zodiac. Click on continued at the bottom of each page to read the rest of the story. How many animals are there in the Chinese Zodiac? At the end of the story you can put in your date of birth to find our your chinese zodiac animal.
On this BBC pageyou can read about the Chinese animal zodiac. There is an explanation of the zodiac legend and details about what kind of characters each zodiac sign is said to have.
This image shows the symbols for the Chinese zodiac signs.​