Each of you is now responsible either individually or in a group for a separate focus on Chinese New Year celebrations. You need to use the page on this wiki that has been created especially for each focus.

Remember what your focus is:

Madeline and Isabel
The zodiac and what is the story behind Chinese New Year
Leila and Juliane
Special food for Chinese New Year
Agnethe and Camilla
Chinese New Year decorations
├ůsmund and Emanuel
The Chinese calendar, when is Chinese New Year this year, how long will it last
Any other ways that you find about how Chinese New Year is celebrated
In addition, when you come across information that is about other ways that Chinese New Year is celebrated (not linked to food, zodiac, calendar or decorations) you should post it on the Wallwisher wall below - you are all responsible for this wall. Double click on the wall to write up an idea. You can add an image, audio or video link from the internet to support your findings too. Don't forget to put your name on your sticky note.